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As the only son of Afghan immigrants, Mateen was subject to high expectations from his parents. You have to be perfect in every way, you have to have a high education, you have to be totally respectful,” Yusufiy said.

“And not be in any way homosexual, that’s for sure.” Mateen’s sexuality has been in question since he was revealed as the killer.

He yanked the pillow out from under her, pulled her by her hair, and then started to choke her.

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As well as being all over the charts thanks to DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts and Kendrick Lamar’s Loyalty, starring in Valerian and making us all weep with her incredible Crop Over costume, she’s bagged herself a new man. Hassan married art expert Lina Lazaar in 2012 at a luxurious wedding, but have since divorced. Never mind that we don’t actually know anything about Hassan at all, considering he’s an ‘intensely private’ person.

Riri is dating Hassan Jameel, a Saudi billionaire and deputy president of Abdul Latif Jameel, one of the biggest companies in the world. But the fact that Hassan was divorced before he even started dating Rihanna is just such a non-thing.

But Pulse is about a two-hour drive from Mateen’s home in Fort Pierce, Fla., and it would take four hours of driving to go there and back in one night.

Nobody recalled ever seeing him at Tattle Tails, a gay bar just a few miles from his apartment.

“And one of the directions of his life was to be a perfect son.” That pressure to be live up to his father’s strict expectations often led Mateen to lash out with violence, she says.

Once, she recalled, she fell asleep on the floor while watching TV and he started beating her as she slept.We’re sure she can deal with her new piece of billionaire eye candy having an ex.Omar Mateen’s sexuality was the least of Sitora Yusufiy’s worries. He beat her, pulled her hair, dug his fingernails into the soft flesh of her wrists when she wandered away from him in the supermarket.When they realized she was in an abusive situation, Yusufiy’s parents took her back to New Jersey with them, and the marriage abruptly ended.Yusufiy said she never noticed anything in their sex life that would lead her to believe Mateen was gay.At one point, he said “Let me tell you: my son is not gay. “It’s just making more sense in my head from my personal experience that this was probably it,” she said.

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