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“Put out your tongue” she demanded I did as instructed and she rubbed the damp gusset over my mouth “Does that remind you of our last encounter” she asked. I nodded again Her hand went between her legs and I watched with interest as she rubbed a couple of fingers around what I could see was an already wet pair of cunt lips “Here” she offered me the wet fingers.

“Where’s the bedroom” she asked already climbing the stairs.

“What can I do I asked “You can undress me first” she instructed. ” I started on the top buttons then one by one undid them. And she was standing before me in bra and a skimpy thong. I couldn’t resist, I reached forward to cover one with my mouth.

She lay down on the bed, and I moved to kneel between her legs. I think you should get undress as well” Oh great I thought I’m going to fuck her at last.

She lay watching me as I almost ripped my clothes off.

I pulled on her hips pulling her tighter against me, and with her laying almost flat against my body, I could lick not only her cunt, but could reach her little brown ring. For a second I could feel her face on my cock as she pushed hard against my mouth.

I probed with my tongue which seemed to send her over the top. Just as I thought was going to get my reward she rolled off.

Lisa was rubbing hard now and sighing as she used me. “I can think of something I’d like better” I replied pushing my hips up and hoping I would slip in. “I bet you would but you know………” “Yeah I know, this is for you, you keep reminding me” “That’s right she said as she rolled off. “Oh my, look how wet I’ve made you.” I looked down, it was glistening with her juices and twitching with a mind of it’s own.

My cock & balls were dripping, and I thought if she kept this up much longer, I’ll come without getting inside her. She touched the tip with her finger and it jumped widely, “sensitive” she asked. “I bet you really want to come don’t you” “I nearly did” I informed her “Oh wow, I nearly made you come just by rubbing my pussy over you, what fun.

“I told you last time, you’re going to give me what I want & when I want it”. “I think the bed this time, but I want a little more from you”. “Carry on” she instructed I reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, and eased it down her arms. Hardly any sag, tipped with a stunning set of nipples.

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