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“She follows my career, but we’re not grabbing coffee together,” she says.

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I’m a girl, I’m human.” These days when the Wilhelmina model isn’t flying to different cities for gigs, she’s enjoying New York City life.

Though she says she’s single, her mother — up from Florida for a visit — says that she’s going to meet her daughter’s new man.

We dug deeper to examine the ethnicities of women that self-identified as curvy and discovered that Asian men more often prefer curvy African-American women and curvy Caucasian women.

African-American men were also the most likely to reach out to curvy Asian and curvy Hispanic women, which supported what we previously learned about online daters tendencies to date outside their ethnic group.

But she does say it was all worth it in the end — especially because she was able to meet Tyra Banks, one of her heroes.

“She’s still the one celebrity when I’m in the room I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that's her.’ I can’t talk.

I was like, ‘Okay, here I am paying for your breakfast,’ so yeah, I haven’t talked to her since.” She has also found that women in the real world were just as vicious.

“People would call me fat all the time from blogs or on the streets,” she says.

Furthermore, as the density of the data which define the archeomagnetic reference curve varies in time, we suggest that one computes the mean directions with moving windows of varying duration, where both the window widths and the time shifts between successive mean directions are fixed when a minimum threshold density of data is reached within each time interval.

In our paper, we apply this new procedure to the French archeomagnetic data set.

Additionally, African-American men were 52% more likely and Hispanic men were 28% more likely respectively than Caucasian men to give attention to curvy women online.


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