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I spend half an hour setting up the room, putting café numbers on the tables, and writing out name badges.

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Guegen’s previous research has shown that this can improve the success of romantic requests for a dance or phone number.

Oh and for good measure, this earlier research suggests you should ask your opposite-sex friends to smile at you!

Rather, the researchers say that when we're romantically interested in someone, we shift our language to match theirs.

What's more, a second study found that heterosexual couples who used similar function words in their IM conversations were more likely to still be together three months later.

“This aspect [of mimicry] has never been examined previously”.

For extra appeal, the Digest blog archive suggests speed-daters could try combining mimicry with a light touch of their partner’s arm.

In 2010, Pennebaker and his colleagues analyzed speed-date conversations using LIWC and found they could predict whether the couples wanted to go out again.

The 40 conversations that the researchers analyzed took place during a study on speed dating among heterosexual men and women.

By the end of the night, those scientists could tell you pretty quickly how likely it is that your date wants to see you again.

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