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Reps for Avalon and Lee didn't respond to detailed messages, but a Lowdown spy reports: "He had a huge table of roadies. Lowdown hears that the 17-year-old male pop tart is in talks to jump ship to a rival record company before he turns 18 next month, because he feels he's "getting screwed" by Trans Con's CEO, teenybopper titan Lou Pearlman.

Several waitresses brought Tommy stuff, and there were two waitresses working his table. Pearlman hatched both 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys - of which Aaron's brother, Nick, was a member.

Jackson and his wife La Tanya Richardson, David Foster, Niecy Nash and “Access Hollywood” correspondent Shaun Robinson.

") "At least he's got a good one this time," the 37-year-old Nicole was overheard confiding to her boyfriend, Atlanta businessman Alan F.

Daniels, over a late lunch this week at the Fred Segal store in L. Her husband doesn't feel the same about her choice in men.

The 44-year-old movie star and comedian has been linked to everyone from Mariah Carey and Robin Givens to - embarrassingly - a cross-dressing hooker with whom he was found by the LAPD in 1997.

(Murphy wasn't arrested, and has said he was helping "her.

Testolini was married to Prince for five years and divorced in 2006, while Benet wed Halle Berry in 2001 and split in 2003.

Benet and Testolini celebrated with 150 guests including Samuel L.

The Government wants to recognise the professionalism of officers, reduce bureaucracy and ensure officers are rewarded "for the excellent job you do", he wrote.

But difficult decisions on pay and pensions are needed and, as the service spends some £14 billion a year, it would not be right if officers were exempt from this, he added.

Police Federation chairman Paul Mc Keever told them: ''We care very deeply about the communities that we serve.

We have seen what happens when we have a Government that has given policing a very low priority.

The officers, banned from striking under law, began marching from Millbank at around noon in a protest to show "the unprecedented attack on policing by this Government and the consequences that these cuts will have for public safety".

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