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And then the weirdest part was he claimed he knew someone I work with and said, ‘You know, it’s funny, when you first started, people hated you, and now they love working with you.’ ” to regard, and therefore to keep in check.

(His employees have internalized a kind of Morse code for deciphering his moods and intentions: “Hey hey” prefigures good news, for instance, whereas a lone “Hey” means business.) In live conversation, his intelligence is evident, as is his penchant for rational contrarianism.

Denton is a kind of gadget fetishist, but you’d be unlikely to hear him telling a stranger that he is a technology watchdog or a trade publisher.

He once announced to his dinner companions that he was in favor of gay marriage (Denton is himself gay) but against abortion, on the ground that, if you’ve got to draw a line somewhere, it might as well be at conception. He wears nearly identical faded gray t-shirts day after day.” Its winking conceit was that Zuckerberg had become a billionaire by encouraging people to share more of their private lives with one another.“Zuckerberg is the Angelina Jolie of the Internet,” Denton explained, in response to a critic who charged him with aspiring to “no higher principles whatsoever,” noting with particular disapproval the exposure of the girlfriend.

He speaks quickly, in a soft, clipped baritone that one former colleague of his likens to “whale sonar.” He also bores easily, having been proved right often enough to dismiss most attempts at debate with an insensitivity that is commonly mistaken for meanness. “His lovers, friends, and acquaintances—like those of any other celebrity—are caught up in the vortex,” Denton went on.

“Hypocrisy is the only modern sin,” he likes to say. (She learned of her termination when a reporter e-mailed her.) “He went out of his way to talk to me,” Mc Clear said. He was, like, ‘I have some gossip for you,’ and told me some juicy info about one of my colleagues.

Then he mentioned that he thought my job was super-easy, compared with blogging.

Denton’s best-performing site, Gizmodo, reaches nearly six million Americans a month.

It’s a punchy consumer guide to gadgets: cell phones, camcorders, turntables.“Remember how Pulitzer got his start.” To that old game he brings the conviction of a futurist, someone who is engaging with the world as it must soon be, and speaking with the assured perspective of having experienced success in all its antiquated forms. Gawker began as a media-gossip site devoted to “radical Manhattanism,” and has since morphed into a world view for the blogging generation. In this way the site could be read as offering a meta commentary on the vapidity of celebrity journalism, without ever explicitly holding itself above it.(Ninety-three per cent of its audience is under the age of forty-five.) One of its early recurring features, Gawker Stalker, invited readers to participate in the modern culture of celebrity obsession by submitting personal sightings on the fly (“Ashley Olsen making her way downstairs to the Pharmacy at the 6th ave & waverly duane reade . This was gossip for smart people— people, who had seen enough “Saturday Night Live” sketches to know that the difference between a trope and a parody can be a simple matter of tone. Douchebag Edition.” Gawker was never above its genre, but it was certainly , old people—because no intelligent person would deny that the impulse to gossip is fundamentally judgmental.He looks perpetually unshaven, with gray stubble complementing his close-cropped, receding hair, which he teases casually forward.He is someone who likes and knows how to have fun—“Nick has a fairly strong hedonic streak,” his friend Matt Wells, of the BBC, says—but who doesn’t wish to be seen enjoying himself overly.Also, it could be interpreted as an attempt at a whitewash, which is something that Denton scorns in others with the ferocity of Mencken and Winchell.

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