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Commiserating with her on her bruising exchanges with television journalists in interviews during the campaign, Lord Powell said the people were on her side.‘They know you are right and what you are doing is right and they respect you for it – because they feel better as a result,’ he added.He compared her to Churchill but warned she must not put herself through another election as the ‘unbelievable’ level of personal abuse would take its toll.The ingredients are listed as two packets of Philadelphia cheese, one flat teaspoon of curry powder and one tin of beef consommé, undiluted.

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The prime minister faced questions on contemporary music and her personal tastes as she attempted to appeal to the youth vote.

The Downing Street press office briefing stated: ‘You may not enjoy this interview.

She liked anything where you had to have a method, and you put effort into it.‘It wasn’t exactly what cooking was about. The recipe was one of several found in a file of her ‘favourites’ dated 1979-1987.

The folder includes standard replies to some of the most popular requests and questions in letters to the prime minister, which were dealt with by Number 10’s secretaries, the Garden Room Girls.

He concluded that in light of what happened later – Lady Thatcher being forced from office in November 1990 – his advice looked ‘pretty sound’.

Mr Collins said the letter showed her close bond with her staff.‘It is no accident that Carla Powell signs this as well,’ he said.‘This is actually a letter from friends.’The files, along with thousands of previously published personal documents, are available online at Thatcher was always said to be a keen cook.To vary it, she suggests adding leftover chicken, shrimps or mushroom.The strange recipe is contained in a file marked ‘favourites’ which contained responses to any questions she might be asked.‘In two or three years’ time, you will have completed the most sweeping change this country has seen in decades and your place in history will be rivalled in this century only by Churchill,’ he said in a letter.

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