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The Connectivist chatted with Czarniak about a typical day in the life of a anchor, how the show is produced, and the ways it uses technology to stay ahead of the game. It’s a bunch of people in this room that are open to a very collaborative conversation about what we have available in terms of different panelists or pieces that have come off whatever has happened the day before or the big sports stories.

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You usually start with a voiceover—they’ll play video and we talk over it.

If there’s wire copy, you take that information and what’s accurate according to ESPN and we’ll have it written out that way.

You want people to feel like they’re coming to a party that they don’t want to leave.

As anchors shift and change every few hours it’s important to create a dynamic where people want to continue to watch your show.

One of the producers will be like, “Hey, I need you to go down to B12 and I’m going to send you this wire copy, we’re going to break the story, and we’re going to do it in the next block.’ In that situation we’re also working with researchers who are down there in the studio with us.

So, there’s a lot of traffic when producers are talking to us in our ear during a show.

John Anderson and myself are always on at six, so we’ll figure out what are my stories for the day, what are my lead-ins. Does writing take up the entire five-hour period from after the meeting until the show? Everything is pretty firm and square at that point, but often times stuff changes and you have to roll with it and they give that to you when you get down to the show.

The writing lasts that whole time because on our shift in particular things can change so much because of that midday potential for breaking news or early games ending. How much of a role does social media play in the production of the show?

What are some things that could go wrong during a telecast?


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