Who is john frusciante dating

But I just made some coffee so I’m ok, I’ve taken care of myself.Yeah, it’s interesting when you have a new album cycle.

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Yeah, I was thinking the other day about how I’ve carried a journal around in my backpack forever and occasionally broken it out in social situations, a bar, a party, if I’m under-stimulated, and how nowadays we have this other thing.

Now when you get an itch to be creative or go and make something you can just go on twitter and say something funny, or say that you’re hungry, and get it out of your system.

I don’t really know what people’s preconceptions are but what I would say about the band is that everybody is really an incredible musician on their own. Warpaint is a four-headed monster rather than a one person band. In a lot of bands there’s one person who’s dictating most things and that can be an easier situation, but every one of us has a vision and a really powerful voice on their own, so to be a collective and to navigate a collective when you have such strong personalities is a challenge. Like, ok this isn’t going to sound funny at all, but it’s the only example I can think of.

But it’s a challenge we’ve accepted because we know that the sum is creator than the parts. Jen and I were texting the other day, and she was saying, “Let’s play it by ear,” except she was too lazy to write out the whole sentence so she just wrote “ear”.

Jen’s sister Shannyn was in our band, she was the first drummer.

You can’t escape people being drawn to you or knowing about your band.Right now I’m listening to the new album and I actually really enjoy listening to it, but often listening to old albums I find so many things I want to change about it. I also think that for a long time we’ve been a lot better live than on record.Well probably this concept that there’s a prickliness. We have short-hand where we don’t even know that we’re going to understand each other, and I think that’s sometimes the most funny.In 2008 Warpaint appeared from seemingly nowhere with a fully formed and unique psych-rock sound.Their raw and untamed talent saw the four-piece gain early critical acclaim, while their irresistible punk attitude cemented them as the music industry’s coolest kids.That meant that we got the attention of Rough Trade. I think everything is vibration, so that is absolutely true to me. I think being a musician is the best profession in the world.

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