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The show thrilled the critics ("Wow, these two guys are on fire! Being in a West End play gives actors from across the pond a lot of free time, particularly when they don't have a wife, girlfriend or children to distract them during their long days in London. "Paul [Schrader, the director] likes to describe the film as a man who was once a dog who meets a dog who was once a boy. I had a year to prepare for it, thank goodness, and I immersed myself in it, I did as much work as I could. "I celebrate it in my own way, nothing traditional or traditionally observant." Does he believe in God? where we can't see them who, you know, umm, sends you to heaven or hell... And all the while his head is rolling and his hands are drifting about and his rubbery face is performing acrobatics as he rolls his eyes back into his head, works his jaw and flutters his eyelashes. He works out, he drinks little alcohol (although he isn't teetotal) and hasn't smoked dope since his twenties.

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I should do a tourist thing, and I'm scared that I'm going to leave here and people will say, 'Wow, you still haven't seen ba ba ba ba da ba ba? Then there was Laura Dern, his co-star in Jurassic Park, who shared his Hollywood Hills mansion for a while. Then, more recently, he was seeing Catherine Wreford, who played the girlfriend he tries to get a visa for in Pittsburgh. "I never really particularly passionately wanted children," he says, shrugging his shoulders. Then he forgets to take it off and eats his oyster starter while still wearing it.

**** "Please, can you tell me about the braised squid? "If you were anything on this menu, what would you be and what would I be? "I think I'd be the haunch of venison and you'd be the devilled kidneys." Then he suggests that we go and see a movie and hands me a copy of Time Out. ' I like something more transcendental." **** As well as Time Out, he's brought a book to lunch.

He takes acting seriously, although he never, thankfully, mentions his "craft". My teacher [in New York] said that it takes a lifetime to learn to be an actor, 20 years certainly, minimum, and everything you do after that you treat as a graduate programme." Speed-the-Plow, he says, has been a bit like "acting camp". After all, Goldblum is considered something of a ladykiller. " Spring has truly sprung by the time Goldblum and I meet for lunch.

But I suspect that being in London, doing the same play night after night, is getting to him and sending him a bit nuts with boredom. After the first interview, I give him my phone number in a gesture of good faith. He got married at 23 to an actress, Patricia Gaul, and stayed married for 12 years, only divorcing in 1987. OK, I would like six oysters to start and then the steak tartare, as a main course, but please no toast. He arrives without his duvet-parka this time, in his raincoat and a jaunty blue trilby.

Maybe it's intended to be polite, but I find it disconcerting. "Oh," he says, looking hurt, "you know, some people say, 'He doesn't like answering questions about himself and he wants to turn the tables on you' and all that, but that's just what I'm like.

I'll answer anything about myself." He smiles dreamily.I went to Israel for the first time a couple of times and talked to some survivors in Los Angeles." This is the first time that Goldblum, who is Jewish, has done a part where his Jewishness is part of the character. He closes his eyes in ecstasy at the thought of it. I have a gardener." He folds his arms, grins and lets his eyelids droop. He taught himself to play the piano and got his first job aged 15 as one of those guys who tinkles away in a corner in a certain kind of restaurant at cocktail hour."When I get on the plane when we're done [with the play] and the car brings me to my house, I'll put my bags at the door..." and now he whispers "... At 17, he decided not to go to university and moved to New York to study acting at the Neighbourhood Playhouse.and I'll walk around the outside, walk around and see what's grown, because everything grows all the time." Does he take care of the garden? It was Robert Altman who gave Goldblum his first break, in 1974, in the films California Split and Nashville. Then he rings again during the week: "Just saying hi." We have a nice chat, but it is slightly strange behaviour from a big-time Hollywood actor to ring up a journalist he doesn't really know, just for fun.He moved straight to Hollywood, where he's been ever since. " I say, taking this as good old-fashioned insincerity. For a start, it's dangerous: an unscrupulous journalist could lead an old man like Jeff on, get him to be all sleazy and then write about it." Goldblum asks the Polish waitress at the undistinguished restaurant I take him to for our lunch "date". I laugh and say that my boyfriend probably wouldn't like that. "You know, people think romance and passion has got something to do with ownership and possession, but it doesn't. It's not all [he mimes holding a phone to his ear and whines] 'Where are you? It's by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the recently deceased Indian sage who hung out with The Beatles. " We step out into the sunshine, and he stoops to kiss me once on each cheek to say goodbye.

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