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The motivations for writing these can vary greatly, along with the perceived justification — they may want to "correct" something that went just fine, or want to offer an alternative to something incredibly stupid.

If the writer is lucky, the trend may be popular enough the fans don't mind at this point.

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However, in the past few months, many matchmaking groups in the city have come up with 'speed dating' events, giving youngsters the chance to meet potential partners.

A popular concept in the West, it provides young men and women a platform, where they can meet people of the opposite sex on a series of multiple short dates, all in the span of a single evening!

You get to spend eight minutes alone at a table, with each of the participants.

You are given score cards, which contain options like 'date, not date, friends, etc.' At the end of the event, we collect these report cards and go through all the answers.

Or, even worse, they've killed the most important character.

Whatever the reason, some fans are dissatisfied and they won't be content to complain about it. In short, an AU with an agenda rather than as an intellectual exercise.

Apart from the transparency it provides, it's also a practical way of meeting potential partners.

Ajay Yadav, founder of another dating group that organises speed dates in Mumbai, says, "As per our research, more and more people are Googling speed dating events in the country.

Sometimes the fans think that The Powers That Be screwed it.


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