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Again, this shows a guy your caring and kind side and demonstrates that you would be a good mother if ever your relationship developed that far.

A woman who is comfortable not to feel like she needs to wear makeup in public is very attractive.

It also shows a lack of confidence and self-esteem that she would feel like she needs to over-do her appearance before leaving the house each morning.

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It’s not necessarily that guys like women who got good grades in school.

What’s more important is that she can hold a good, stimulating conversation and she has common sense.

More so, take the time to join in with the guys if it seems appropriate to do so.

Even if he has one or two friends that you don’t like, making the effort with them when you don’t need to will show your mature side.

Happy, upbeat women are perceived as being far more attractive than cold, hostile, grumpy or moody women.

If an otherwise highly physically attractive woman generally has a bad or grumpy attitude, her attractiveness will be significantly lower in the eyes of most guys, so leave the frown at home!

You don’t need to reserve this for just noticing the new changes, like a new jumper or a change of aftershave.

It can make an impact to comment on any little characteristic he has that you like, such as how his eyes may sparkle when he smiles or the way he his dimples pronounce when he laughs.

If he comes back for more, then chances are highly likely that’s all he’s after.

A woman who clearly has a good degree of intelligence are often much more appealing to men.

Many women may notice little characteristics about a guy they like, but very few will take the extra step and actually tell the guy that it is something you notice and appreciate about him.


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