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Ned had fondly given her the nickname "Moze" to separate her from the other "Jennifers" in their class.

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If it wasn't obvious before, it's definitely clear now why everyone fell in love with Werkheiser and "Ned's Declassified" all those years ago.

Nickelodeon's "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" hit TV screens everywhere starting in 2004.

He's also grown from child to adult actor, taking on more mature projects, including "Criminal Minds," "California Scheming" and the upcoming movie "Sundown." But what if he's destined to only be known as Ned?

Thanks to a hilarious video from Legendary Shots, we see how that "stress" has taken a toll on Werkheiser.

According to Vice Principal Crubbs in Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs and Weasels, he has a "mop-top" haircut (similar to Coconut Head's haircut, which led a security guard to mistake him for Ned).

Most notably, he is short throughout the series and everyone makes sure he knows it.I would say, it's not gonna happen the way you think it will, but stay present and kind and open and it will be more fulfilling than you could imagine. #werkharder #music #friday #sigrid #dontkillmyvibe #love #work #practice A post shared by Devon Werkheiser (@devonwerkharder) on “I have been an actor for almost two decades, and I can say with all honesty this play is some of the most fun and fulfilling work I’ve ever done,” he captioned an April Instagram post about his new play.#tbt #motivation #inspiration #throwback #ned #nickelodeon #werkharder A post shared by Devon Werkheiser (@devonwerkharder) on Had a night off. I set out to record a cover, ended up not getting the finished result that I wanted, but it was time well spent. Moze is Ned's neighbor, female best friend, and, by the end of the series, girlfriend.They have known each other since elementary school and before the series.Fellow aughts Nickelodeon/Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens and Devon Werkheiser.


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  4. An August 23, 2007 interview in Rolling Stone magazine revealed that he had been cast in High School Musical after the songs were written, and the songs (written for a tenor) were somewhat out of his baritone vocal range.

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