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It was chilly, so I was hesitating, and my friend playfully came up behind me and pushed me into the pool. Thank god I protected my head with my hands, but I went in at bad angle and broke my neck. I was in the ICU for 10 days and then I went to rehab for about 2 ½ months. Chris was by my side the whole time, no matter what. People are like, "It's amazing that he stayed with you!

I immediately knew it was serious, even as I was on the side of the pool with the paramedics. Chris was camping with his dad three and a half hours away so when the accident happened we couldn't get in touch with him at first; he didn't know until the morning. " It's like people think someone with a disability isn't as deserving as someone who is able-bodied. That is so sad for them, because it goes to show that they have no idea what true love is. He was actually my first; I lost my virginity to him in college.

How to Keep Your Head in the Game for Better Sex hard to come up with something supersexy to say.

Before I got hurt, I was an aerobics instructor and I got myself as fit as I could. So it was hard to be in the moment, but at the same time, it was a revelation! I was like, "I'm gonna go home and take care of myself like I used to, and I wont always have this neck brace." I'm still trying to figure out the deal with orgasms.

Basically, it's hard to explain this, but some people have complete feeling down there when they have sex. I don't feel below my chest, but when I'm having sex I can tell when he's inside me — because my blood pressure raises a little bit, and your body changes in a lot of little ways.

And even there, they don't say anything unless you ask, which I did.

Learning how to have sex all over again, in my opinion, is vital to the rehab process.

I'd met Chris in college; he was my first boyfriend. We were staying at a friend's house who lived in Virginia Beach.

At night, my friends got me a limo like I had always wanted, and we went dancing.

"Talking on the phone is great because you can hear her reactions, tone, and moans," Savoy says.

"And neither of you needs to be using your hands to type." “Skype can be a great way to show her you miss her body as well as her face—and women want to be valued for both,” Savoy notes.

By 1 or a.m., I was kinda over it, and wanted to chill by the pool.


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  2. First, we still have some business to take care of! This is going to be my daughter's Christmas dress this year and I started off with the Glitz pattern from Little Lizard King.

  3. Also, if the City of Tucson wants to encourage people to move downtown, stuff like this is not going to help their cause!

  4. Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Birmingham Children's Hospital.

  5. Sometimes, it would be one bachelor asking questions to three bachelorettes.

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