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Once I even jumped on a late-night bus that was going miles in the wrong direction to appear ‘carefree’ to some man who had just rejected me.

I finally limped through my door at 2am, my shoes ruined from the long walk home.

The platform enables young people to build an online CV of their volunteering experiences, and use the skills they gain to access to paid work opportunities provided by London employers.

Young Londoners are able to access thousands of volunteer opportunities posted by the capital’s charities through the new service.

But those disillusioned with the online dating experience -- or who don't want to meet the love of their life at a college dorm party with Outkast's "Ms. Tommy was the only one who took her up on the offer.

Even my dad, a physician, prescribes online dating to his patients as a way to help them avoid social isolation and maximize the quality of their lives. Vivien would often ask all the volunteers if anyone wanted to walk home instead of taking public transit.

And by working alongside an established charity (Mencap, The Teenage Cancer Trust and Muscular Dystrophy UK have all signed up to Good Deed Dating), you get the chance to learn or share a new skill, make a positive difference to where you live, even enhance your CV.

Hannah spent seven years running volunteering programmes for the National Trust and The Wildlife Trust, so she knows how hard it can be for charities to recruit volunteers: ‘A lot of people worry it will mean a huge time commitment.’ Even if you don’t ‘click’ romantically, the real boost comes from meeting new people and taking a few hours to do something worthwhile.Do-it is owned by the charity ivo, who took it over from Youthnet in 2013.ivo’s CEO, Jamie Ward-Smith said, ‘We are thrilled to be working with Team London on this exciting new development for London’s youth.You’ll both have a great story to tell your friends.Plus, if you meet someone through volunteering you are clearly more likely to have shared values.And confronted by all that tail-wagging enthusiasm, you end up chatting naturally to their owners. I didn’t find my Mr Right but I left feeling good about myself and determined to sign up for more events. Plus, doing something good is inherently sexy — there’s something very attractive about a man who plants trees in his spare time...


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