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But charity leads us to help our neighbour in his need out of our own stores, while justice teaches us to give to another what belongs to him.

Because man is a person, a free and intelligent being, created in the image of God, he has a dignity and a worth vastly superior to the material and animal world by which he is surrounded.

Ownership is the moral faculty of using something subordinate to us for our own advantage. He may live in it, or let it, or leave it unoccupied, or pull it down, or sell it; he may make changes in it, and in general he may deal with it as he likes, because it is his.

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“The application seeks permission for change of use to allow guided studio tours of the Victoria set to paying members of the public alongside the continued use of the site for its consented film-making use.

The application is for a temporary period of only three to four months.

Part of the show is filmed on sets at Church Fenton Studios and a report submitted to Selby District Council said the tours of the studio could end up becoming permanent.

It said: “The production has involved the construction of one of the world’s largest indoor static sets to replicate rooms from Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign.

For, at least if we confine our attention to natural law and ordinary circumstances, the assistance to which a man in need has a claim does not belong to him in justice before it is handed over to him, when it becomes his.

His claim to it rests on the fact that he is a brother in distress, and his brotherhood constitutes his title to our pity, sympathy, and help.

Such are man's natural rights, granted to him by nature herself, sacred, as is their origin, and inviolable.

Beside these he may have other rights given him by Church or State, or acquired by his own industry and exertion.

The report said the guided tours will be limited to up to 25 guests per tour, up to a maximum of four tours per hour, running on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 4pm.

However, Continuum said if there was “sufficient demand during the trial period, the applicant may offer tours on weekdays”, and could create up to 30 new jobs.

Justice is here taken in its ordinary and proper sense to signify the most important of the cardinal virtues.


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