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if [ $ = $ ] then echo "ALTER TABLE SYSADM.$ DROP CONSTRAINT $;" $_$Disable a constraint associated with a table: Syntax: DISABLE validating constraints and oracle-63

Since neither of these solutions is particularly satisfactory Oracle 8i includes support for deferred constraints.

A deferred constraint is only checked at the point the transaction is commited.

For a UNIQUE constraint, this enables you to load data from a nonpartitioned table into a partitioned table using the ALTER TABLE.. When a unique or primary key is Enabled, if there is no existing index, a unique index is automatically created.

When a unique or primary key is Disabled, the unique index is dropped.

The constraint should make the PRODUCT_NAME unique.

I've tried it with the following statement: Your question is not clear. If you have duplicate values in a column then you cannot enforce a UNIQUE constraint on it.

If you define a constraint but do not explicitly enable or disable it, ORACLE enables it by default.

Any SQL INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE command applied to a table with constraints enabled has the possibility of failing.

For example, updates applied to a Parent Table may fail if the statement leaves orphaned rows in a child table, INSERT command against a Child Table may fail if a matching foreign key value does not exist in the parent table.


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