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In another major leap forward, researchers at the IPD have just published a revolutionary method for generating brand new protein drugs.These new drugs – called “mini-protein binders” – combine the specificity of antibodies with the high stability and manufacturability of small molecule drugs.I knew that my own workshop would also introduce students to diversity statements, so the form of the Academic Cover Letter–Power Point slides and all–was a useful foundation for me.

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I recall the student’s uncertainty about what to say, and fielded questions that would later return in both my planning the diversity statement workshop and facilitating the workshop: “Is this how I write a diversity statement?

I don’t think I’ve encountered a lot of diversity in my research–I’m in the mathematics department. ” After the session, I thought little about the prompt and forgot about the diversity statement until at this past summer’s Computers and Writing, an academic conference for scholars and graduate students studying writing and digital technology.

Once you secure an offer though, you'll feel like you're the top of the world.

You post about it on Facebook, let all your family and friends know (consequently becoming the aforementioned annoying peer), and breeze through the rest of the semester.

As this academic year’s assistant director for the UW-Madison Writing Center, I teach a few sections out of more than 70 sections of free non-credit workshops in academic writing for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Writing Center has offered these workshops since its inception in 1969, and I’m proud to have contributed to this stellar history by creating a new workshop this year simply called “Writing Diversity Statements for the Academic Job Market.” More and more universities are asking for diversity statements to hire academic staff who are willing to contribute to universities’ commitment to equality, equity, and inclusiveness.

During the term before the internship, you have to enroll in a course with numerous deadlines, such as resume completion, job applications, interview scheduling; you really feel pressured to get your act together.

Overwhelmed and frightened, and especially without prior work experience, you stumble your way through the arduous application process.

The new de novo designed mini-protein binders were custom built to target either a …

Co-op: a program for Waterloo students to apply for internships around the world, from financial giants on Wall Street or in Hong Kong, to hot startups in the Valley, to government/non-profit organizations in Waterloo itself.

The conference’s Graduate Research Network hosted a speed-dating-style job market session for invited graduate students.

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