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i asked the moderator here if its ok to run it and it looks like its ok.So i run it and it updates the driver to the allowed version for that computer and it became 6..

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Updating windows xp vga driver dropbox not updating on computer

ok so i get another source of the driver (S3 Pro Savage DDR Driver (XP\2K) ) here at |MG| S3 Pro Savage DDR Driver (XP2K) WHQL Download to make sure it safe to use.

i gamble and use that and it successfully update the vga driver from 6. to 6.. nice and solved On the S3 site, I could find no reference to a driver version past 6.- for the Pro Savage DDS.

for example my previous topic here: [SOLVED] help in updating vga driver..

before, the current vga driver of my other laptop ( travel mate 2410) was 6. and then the latest driver that i downloaded for that was .4764.

Driver Update is an application that will scan your device and optimize your PC by removing and updating drivers.

The program will automatically repair problems and take the guess work out of updating or removing driver files.

so this question is also similar to my previous thread that i posted here.

i just want a confirmation if it safe to run that vga driver...

the maker and model number of the computer are: system manufacturer: ECS system model: P4VMM2 actually its a very old model... so i downloaded the latest driver in the driver's site with the assistance of this forum too.

Are you having specific issues with the video or do you just want everything updated to the latest version?

If you can connect the computer to the Internet you can go to Windows Update and have it search for drivers.


  1. The first thing to do is open up i Tunes and go to Preferences and select the Devices icon along the top which lists all device names that are backed up on your machine along with date of the backup.

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