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I got my hubby to try and help, but after an hour of trying to get the thing out, we gave up and I just worked around it..

It must have been a blast getting that thing in there to begin with!

updating travel-65

The previous owners had just purchased a new, mattress for it and extended the bed a bit.

Travel trailer mattress's tend to be smaller than a normal mattress, and the one they put in here was a standard full size mattress..

I found a fabric shower curtain on clearance at Kmart for $5 in just the right color..

Not a real door, but much nicer than just leaving it open..

It was also kind of pricey on most sites, but I found one roll offered on ebay for $9.99, so grabbed it.

I had a curved curtain rod, so I decided to make a bathroom door out of fabric..I attached the tongue and groove boards with liquid nails instead of nails..My husband was worried about my hitting wires that may be in the walls.Well, not quite like a room in the house, but similar!When we bought it, it was your typical every thing is wood look..They had added a shelf over the bed, which I didn't think we'd need, so I made a little mattress pad for it so Tomi, our cat, would have a comfy place of his own..


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