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This page assumes that you have a Ruby application running on Engine Yard Cloud.

If you’re using an operating system other than mac OS Sierra 10.12 or mac OS High Sierra 10.13, my friend Chris Oliver has an extensive collection of tutorials on how to install Ruby.

His tutorials also include how to install Ruby on Rails.

The development team doesn't have the resources to keep updating the utility for older JDKs for those that can't work with the latest version.

However, some members of the community have created an unofficial backport of the latest Checkstyle releases to be run with JDKs as old as 1.6.

For additional information about specific agent updates, refer to the Ruby agent release notes.

In New Relic Ruby agent version 4.0.0, a number of APIs that had been deprecated for some time were deleted.This page outlines how to migrate an application to a newer version of Ruby.For example, from Ruby 1.9.2 to Ruby 1.9.3, or a newer patch level of the same version such as from Ruby 2.0.0p.451 to Ruby 2.0.0p481.Checkstyle is highly configurable and can be made to support almost any coding standard.An example configuration files are supplied supporting the Sun Code Conventions, Google Java Style.Code Plex is shutting down, is archived to keep developing on forked repository Project Description - LINQ for Java Script Features 90 Methods Aggregate, All, Alternate, Any, Average, Buffer With Count, Cascade Breadth First, Cascade Depth First, Catch, Choice, Concat, Contains, Count, Cycle, Default If Empty, Distinct, Do, Element At, Element At Or Default, Empty, Except, Finally, First, First Or Default, Flatten, For Each, Force, From, Generate, Get Enumerator, Group By, Group Join, Index Of, Insert, Intersect, Join, Last, Last Index Of, Last Or Default, Let, Matches, Max, Max By, Memoize All, Min, Min By, Of Type, Order By, Order By Descending, Pairwise, Partition By, Range, Range Down, Range To, Repeat, Repeat With Finalize, Return, Reverse, Scan, Select, Select Many, Sequence Equal, Share, Shuffle, Single, Single Or Default, Skip, Skip While, Sum, Take, Take Except Last, Take From Last, Take While, Then By, Then By Descending, To Array, To Dictionary, To Infinity, To JSON, To Lookup, To Negative Infinity, To Object, To String, Trace, Unfold, Union, Where, Write, Write Line, Zip Get the ver.3.0.4-Beta5 @2013/06/20 or Nu Get Install-Package -Pre, linq.js-j Query -Pre, linq.js-Rx JS -Pre, linq.js-QUnit -Pre Now Type Script Generics(0.9) support!

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