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With Group Wise Disaster Recovery, there is no software to install on your Group Wise servers; all of the software is installed with the Group Wise Disaster Recovery package on the Group Wise Disaster Recovery server.

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Yet, with the QRA, end user search abilities can be restored in a matter of minutes.

In Group Wise Disaster Recovery you can choose a specific post office backup to delete, and the solution will set out to delete it immediately.

This feature is particularly helpful when a Group Wise Disaster Recovery server is just barely over it's disk space error threshold, and backups have stopped because of disk space overage.

Choosing the oldest backup, or perhaps an intra-day backup is a good measure to resolve the issue immediately.

Before installing the plugin ensure that the Mindbreeze Server is already installed and this connector is also included in the Mindbreeze license.

No additional adjustments are necessary for the installation of the Novell Group Wise-Connector.This solution solves your Groupwise rebuild issues.It can take days for Groupwise to fully restore end user index and find capabilities after a database rebuild.For user query authentication, we recommend to configure SAML with client-side certificates.For details, see the manual "Configuration for SAML".View useful statistical information such as backup runtime and backup completion time, via single consolidated daily reports.

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