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Apple's i Pod touch is a HUGE and often overlooked part of the i Phone platform's success.

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Ideally, Palm never should have used Sprint Nextel, the shrinking no. But we're assuming that Sprint was Palm's only choice; that no. 2 AT&T weren't interested in a blowout launch gala.

In that case, it never should have given Sprint such a LONG exclusive.

And only recently did Palm start focusing on games , which it knew in 2008 were a huge hit for the i Phone platform. By the time developers could make apps for Web OS, everyone knew it wasn't a runaway hit, and that they wouldn't make much money making Web OS apps.

That's why there are already more apps for Apple's month-old i Pad than the year-old Palm Pre.

Just as people were starting to get familiar with the Palm Pre, the company rushed the Pixi out the door.

It was supposed to be a cheap, smaller version of the Pre, with a keyboard.Instead of developing its own awesome sync software, Palm used a hack that allowed the Pre to sync with i Tunes.This was a neat trick, but ultimately became a failure when Apple made the obvious move of shutting Palm out.And whatever prevented Verizon and/or AT&T from selling the Pre and Pixi last Christmas was a huge blow to Palm.Instead, Verizon put its muscle behind Google Android and the Motorola Droid.And it's not like Palm is the ONLY company to have this problem. Palm was positioning the Pre as a high-end device, and charging what a high-end device was supposed to cost. Its hardware keyboard -- which some thought could have been a big selling point against the i Phone -- was especially bad.


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