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I had this idea in mind when selecting all of our house’s paint colors, which are all cool tones.

Still, it was a bit of a challenge to find a shade of yellow that worked well with each of them, and also our bamboo floors.

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Plus, taking them on myself with paint gave me a great excuse to do something a little “out-there.” Because, seriously, these doors . I decided to paint the doors an exciting shade of golden yellow, Yellowstone by Benjamin Moore.

I thought it would be a fun way to bring bright color and a common element to each room.

Best paint for the job: Choose high-gloss or semigloss, says Filian: "Matte doesn't have the same kind of kick." Tips and tricks: A dark color in a glossy finish hides scuff marks best.

(When risers get nicks, says La Hatt, just “fill them in with a Sharpie.”) If you want to test colors before committing, cut cardboard pieces to the size of the risers, paint them, and position them on the steps to approximate the effect.

Tips and tricks: Don't be afraid to go with a potent color, especially if the walls and the trim are neutral.

Before painting, prep furniture with a flexible-foam sanding sponge, which can "get around curves, legs, and grooves," says Cathie Filian, a host of the DIY Network's Creative Juice.

But too much contrast between the door and the wall can be jarring, warns Filian.

If your walls are bright, choose a similarly lively color for the door. Be sure to paint the frame too, so the door doesn't seem to float in space.

But even after all the work we put into our renovation, painting, and decorating, there was still something bumming us out in every single room: the doors. Plain, old, flat doors, mostly painted beige, with mismatched, cheap, shiny brass hardware.


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