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after giving my SR# they had me connect the device (interesting in itself since they don't supply a usb cable, but I had one) and then informed me that to register the device I had to accept a firmware update. I went to the Garmin site, created an account, and clicked on the option to register it.

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Here's the highlights: Support can register the product by phone, no update required.

Garmin is now making the 250 nuvi on a newer hardware platform (apparently the same hardware as the 205/255). I was concerned when the web update identified my hardware as 2x5 serise and showed me the 2x5 change log.

If it is mostly to correct something you don't use or need, you can skip it. Is there some other way that you can suggest doing this than asking here?

I've already tried to find info about it on the Garmin site but come up dry. Is there some other way that you can suggest doing this than asking here? There are a lot of good-looking upgrades between your 3.1 and 5.0! p=7444160 If there were issues with v5.0, we'd know about it by now for sure. Be sure to let it finish--don't disconnect ther nuvi while files are still being transferred.

I certainly don't want to update my nuvi 250 if it will cost me any tracklog functionality.

Beyond the tracklog feature, I'm interested in finding any other information about the firmware change.Any features that I gain or give up, any bug fixes, anything else.Garmin doesn't seem to provide much information, or at least I have not found it.On mine it found as tools -If you update from 3.1 to 5.0 you will lose the map scale.If this feature is important to you and the new version doesn't have any features or bug fixes that you need, I wouldn't update. 5.0 works fine, and it will give you access to the new Si RF update.The question is, do I want to accept the firmware update? I would like any information that I can get about the newer firmware before I accept it. I've seen some discussions about a hack for the 200 (not 250) that is use to record a tracklog.

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