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He has built up a small crew of team instructors which have stayed with him including Glenn P. He has collaborated with various companies linked to the seduction community over time. has sought to distance himself from the 'pick up artist' movement and position his organization more as a dating coaching company.

One collaboration was with Love Systems on their Interview Series (IVS) program including Interview vol. He has also released two reports named "The Forbidden Truth" and "The Forbidden Truth 2" which seek to compare the different dating systems used by companies against the success of the students involved.

The main character, Jenny, is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, who moves to Los Angeles to live with her boyfriend Tim and begin a professional writing career.

is a pick up artist in New York City with a gothic dress style.

He became well known for his mix of outrageous field reports in clubs and bars and mature advice on the club scene and relationships.

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If you're serious about making your dating dreams come true , then you're ready to join the elite students over at my exclusive club. Join the 30/30 Club For less than $20/week, you can become a member of the world's most successful online dating education program. We have a staff of professional, world-class dating coaches located around the world.

While these endeavors helped him better his life in general, it did not seem to help his success with women.

When he graduated he took a job as a social worker. began his personal journey into pick up artistry by spending 7 days a week going out meeting women and learned what it takes to get a woman, and what it takes to keep a woman.

Brad became a pick up artist trainer to teach guys how to be successful with women in 2005.

He was previously named the #1 Pickup Artist in the World by Thundercat Seduction Lair, Sinns of Attraction, and TSB Magazine. was in highschool, he was trying various ways such as playing in a youth band and excelling as a school athlete to impress women.

A brief encounter at the party with Marina, the owner of the local coffeehouse, suddenly has Jenny thrust into a whole new world that makes her question her own sexual orientation.

Other friends of Bette and Tina include Dana, a professional tennis player who is shy but eager to meet the right woman; Alice, a magazine writer who has a brief relationship with a self-identified "lesbian" man; and Shane, a hairstylist who can't stick to just one woman, and Kit, Bette's half sister who struggles with alcoholism.1x1 -- Jan 18, 2004 -- Pilot1x2 -- Jan 25, 2004 -- Let's Do It1x3 -- Feb 01, 2004 -- Longing1x4 -- Feb 08, 2004 -- Lies, Lies, Lies1x5 -- Feb 15, 2004 -- Lawfully1x6 -- Feb 22, 2004 -- Losing It1x7 -- Feb 29, 2004 -- L'Ennui1x8 -- Mar 07, 2004 -- Listen Up1x9 -- Mar 14, 2004 -- Luck, Next Time1x10 -- Mar 21, 2004 -- Liberally1x11 -- Mar 28, 2004 -- Looking Back1x12 -- Apr 04, 2004 -- Locked Up1x13 -- Apr 11, 2004 -- Limb from Limb2x1 -- Feb 20, 2005 -- Life, Loss, Leaving2x2 -- Feb 27, 2005 -- Lap Dance2x3 -- Mar 06, 2005 -- Loneliest Number2x4 -- Mar 13, 2005 -- Lynch Pin2x5 -- Mar 20, 2005 -- Labyrinth2x6 -- Mar 27, 2005 -- Lagrimas de Oro2x7 -- Apr 03, 2005 -- Luminous2x8 -- Apr 10, 2005 -- Loyal2x9 -- Apr 17, 2005 -- Late, Later, Latent2x10 -- Apr 24, 2005 -- Land Ahoy2x11 -- May 01, 2005 -- Loud and Proud2x12 -- May 08, 2005 -- L'Chaim2x13 -- May 15, 2005 -- Lacuna3x1 -- Jan 08, 2006 -- Labia Majora3x2 -- Jan 15, 2006 -- Lost Weekend3x3 -- Jan 22, 2006 -- Lobsters3x4 -- Jan 29, 2006 -- Light My Fire3x5 -- Feb 05, 2006 -- Lifeline3x6 -- Feb 12, 2006 -- Lifesize3x7 -- Feb 19, 2006 -- Lone Star3x8 -- Feb 26, 2006 -- Latecomer3x9 -- Mar 05, 2006 -- Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way3x10 -- Mar 12, 2006 -- Losing the Light3x11 -- Mar 19, 2006 -- Last Dance3x12 -- Mar 26, 2006 -- Left Hand of the Goddess4x1 -- Jan 07, 2007 -- Legend in the Making4x2 -- Jan 14, 2007 -- Livin' La Vida Loca4x3 -- Jan 21, 2007 -- Lassoed4x4 -- Jan 28, 2007 -- Layup4x5 -- Feb 04, 2007 -- Lez Girls4x6 -- Feb 11, 2007 -- Luck Be a Lady4x7 -- Feb 18, 2007 -- Lesson Number One4x8 -- Feb 25, 2007 -- Lexington and Concord4x9 -- Mar 04, 2007 -- Lacy Lilting Lyrics4x10 -- Mar 11, 2007 -- Little Boy Blue4x11 -- Mar 18, 2007 -- Literary License to Kill4x12 -- Mar 25, 2007 -- Long Time Coming5x1 -- Jan 06, 2008 -- LGB Tease5x2 -- Jan 13, 2008 -- Look Out, Here They Come!

Jenny Schecter is a gifted young fiction writer who has just graduated from the University of Chicago.


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