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This deficit means there is more competition for the attention of single ladies.The statistics for the numbers of men and women in rural Kerry worry Fr Gearóid O' Donnchadha, manager of the Rural Exchange Centre in Tralee RTC.

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He fears these mainly agricultural areas will die unless young educated women chose to live and work in the area rather than move away.

However bachelor farmers gets little sympathy from John O’Regan, manager of Betty's Bar in Tralee, although he will not countenance Kerry women marrying men from neighbouring counties.

“I’m still single, I’m very much immersing myself in the business side so I’m not quite taking care of my personal life at the moment,” she told

Although the same-sex marriage referendum has “normalised” the LGBT community and made people feel “really proud to be gay”, there is still a notable lack of female-focused nights out. Whether it’s that lesbians aren’t out on the scene as much or we just don’t like being out in clubs and bars, it is really hard to find a lesbian bar.

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You have the George, but that’s predominantly gay men.

While she lamented the dearth of lesbian bars, Maria admitted: “I’m a bit of a loser when it comes to going out anyway, I can’t even tell you the last time I went out.” Maria is just back from a six-day trip to Ghana with the children’s rights charity Plan International, where homosexuality is still illegal.

There was an armed garda presence outside Tralee courthouse yesterday, following the appearance of two men on charges relating to an ongoing Traveller feud.

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