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Together they prove that love may indeed be blind but sometimes it ain’t enough, as Leeza is already arranged to be married to another Indian-American (Sendhil Ramamurthy, from TV's Heroes).To soften the blow, Leeza assures Danny that she too is a virgin, as if this news really makes getting dumped any more pleasant...." Ricky and Julian have been best friends since childhood and are almost codependent, with Ricky relying on his friend to guide him and keep his antics in check.

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The filmmakers’ major problem, other than their obvious B-Movie aspirations, is that they never decided exactly what sort of film they wanted to make.

What results is a mish-mash of romance, raunch and ridiculousness that falls apart from the get-go when Danny’s therapist (Jane Seymour) inexplicably strips as Danny complains of being unattractive to women.

"Ricky" (Surname may be "La Fleur/Flower") (Robb Wells), one of the three primary characters in the series, is a fun-loving, dim-witted lowlife who enjoys marijuana, Jalapeño Potato Chips, pepperoni, chicken chips, licorice, cigarettes, ravioli, chicken fingers, fish sticks, and alcoholic beverages.

In the 1999 original black-and-white "Trailer Park Boys" movie, Ricky used cocaine with his friend Julian, which he references in the first episode of season one: as he is getting out of prison he tells the camera crew Julian hired that "[Julian]'s the one force-feeding me drugs and every other goddamn thing.

The DVD also includes a series of 16 deleted scenes, which are basically a series of useless moments and botched set-ups that only seem to exist so that the director could have something to cut.

A few scenes worth noting are a shower scene that displays Chris Pine’s hot body and the film’s recurring homophobia and an added sex scene which solves the whole virgin problem and serves as an alternate ending.

As a result, the grounds of the trailer park and the lake are littered with evidence of crimes.

A lifetime of drinking, smoking dope, and slacking off has left Ricky with a below-average intelligence for which he is often ridiculed.

It gets seriously comical when the director talks about the complex choices the actors made (to swear or not to swear?


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