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Mc Hardy credits the Picts with building the megalithic structures (such as the Ness of Brodgar), which can still be seen in Scotland in the present day (33).

They established themselves in small communities made up of families belonging to a single clan which was presided over by a tribal chief.

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Although it was accepted history in the past to date the arrival of the Picts in Scotland to sometime shortly before their mention in Roman history, or to claim a "Pictish Invasion", modern scholarship offers a much earlier date with no full-scale invasion.

According to the , "the Picts did not 'arrive' - in a sense they had always been there, for they were the descendants of the first people to inhabit what eventually became Scotland" (775).

He was looked upon as father of everyone in the kin, even though he might only be a distant cousin to most.

He commanded their loyalty: he had proprietary rights over their land, their cattle; their possessions were in a sense his.

The historian Tacitus recorded the battle and, in so doing, was the first to give a written account of Scottish history.

It is from Tacitus' account of the battle the oft-misquoted line, "they make a desert and call it peace" comes.This claim is further supported by archaeologist and professor at Aberdeen University, Dr.Gordon Noble, who states, "All evidence points to the Picts being indigenous to northern Scotland..began to coalesce during the late Roman period and formed some of the most powerful kingdoms in northern Britain in the early medieval period" (Wiener, 2).Historian Stuart Mc Hardy supports this claim, writing that "the Picts were in fact the indigenous population of this part of the world" by the time the Romans arrived in Britain (32).They originally came from Scythia (Scandinavia), settled first in Orkney, and then migrated south.The Picts were a people of northern Scotland who are defined as a "confederation of tribal units whose political motivations derived from a need to ally against common enemies" (Mc Hardy, 176).


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