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The reason we don't do ticking at parties is because it's unlikely you will meet everyone. You will then be able to see the 'Click here to check your yes ticks' link.

Therefore you would have to make a decision on up to 300 profiles, most of which you never met. Click this to see a list of people who have ticked you.

To send a free flirt, go to the 'Matches' tab and once you have entered your ticks, click the 'View attendees' link beside the name of the event you attended.

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Tick dating site

I don't seem to have any matches but I'm sure x ticked me?

Instead you can view attendees, and contact anyone you like for free unlimited. However, in general men tend to tick more people than women do.

This means we have not yet entered everyone's badge numbers after the event you attended.

We aim to have all events ready by midday the day after the event you attended.

If both people choose friendship it is also a friendship match.

A summary of matches: Match Match = Dating Match Match Friend = Friendship Match Friend Friend = Friendship Match Match No = No Match Friend No = No Match No No = No Match Why does it say 'Event not ready' for an event I went to last night?

Remember to keep checking back, as some people may not have entered their ticks yet.

You can check that by clicking the link 'Click here to see if the people you ticked have entered their ticks yet'.

Click on 'add ticks' and then simply apply yes/no/friend as relevant.

Matches will show immediately after you have saved your ticks.

Please note - parties and activity events do not have an 'add ticks' option. If you tick 'yes' or 'friend' for anyone you have met at a Speed Dater event you have indicated that you would like to see them again and therefore do not qualify for a free ticket to a future event.

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