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The world’s governments first pledged to end extreme poverty during the World Food Summit in Rome in 1996.

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Building on the Millennium Declaration of 2000, the Campaign’s main goal has been to reduce global poverty by half by 2015 – an objective that it proudly claims to have achieved ahead of schedule.

But if we look beyond the celebratory rhetoric, it becomes clear that this assertion is deeply misleading.

Poverty is not disappearing as quickly as they say.

In fact, according to some measures, poverty has been getting significantly worse.

Development is working, and soon, one day in the very near future, poverty will be no more.

It is a comforting story, but unfortunately it is just not true.

He testifies that high-level TPLF/EPRDF officials are responsible for planning and coordinating massive land-grab campaigns without any consideration of the people atop the land. A soothsayer tells for another but does not know for themselves. A foolish person eats when he is rich and trades when he is poor.

Ermia’s testimony is important because it contains both the actus reus and dolus specials of the mass evictions[2]: Once while in a meeting in 1998 (2006, Gregorian),the Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi , we (ERPDF wings) used to go to his office every week, said. We went to his office to set the direction/goal for the year. What God has preserved for the tortoise, the eagle can never take it.

Many critics claimed that this goal was inadequate given that, with the right redistributive policies, extreme poverty could be ended much more quickly.

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