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It is difficult to estimate how many Thai soapy massage parlors can be found in Pattaya.We have listed 23 soapy massage parlors in our directory. You can also indulge in an oil massage at any of these Pattaya massage parlors. At these sexy massage parlors you can engage the services of a very pretty masseuse for one, one and a half, two or three glorious hours depending on how much money you are willing to spend.

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The girls are trained to perform a service following a set procedure which to the customer, who has not put a bit of effort into choosing the right girl, can seem very mechanical.

If you want to guarantee that your soapy massage experience will be an erotic adventure of the heavenly kind then there are a few steps that you might like to indulge in before you go to the private room with your massage girl.

Rock Hard Erection Gel A good soapy massage is an experience that you will remember for a long time.

For some cool avice on making the encounter a successful one I highly recommend reading the e-Book by Bill Williams.

Ever wondered what thoughts might be turning over in their minds?

Suppose her previous customer was a bad experience for her.

If you put concentrated effort into choosing the right massage girl in the beginning then you will be in for an experience you will be happy to remember for a long time after you return to your country. After twenty minutes or so (or maybe longer if you have read "PBGR") of being slid all over and under by her soapy naked body you will have your soapy suds washed off, a rub down with a towel and the two of you should usually adjourn to the bed.

If you don't have a massive hard on by this time it is an opportune moment to apply a little something mentioned on previous pages of this web site.

For example at The Honey Massage in Soi 11 off Second Road a Blue tag would signify 1,500 baht and a reg tag 2,000 baht.

However take your time and enjoy the eye contact and body language.

Just choose one two or even three and in minutes the girls will appear in the reception area.


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