Th edating game

His little game of cat and mouse wasn’t fun any more – for either of us.

You definitely shouldn’t forget the game aspect of dating all together.

It’s strange how popular the expression ‘dating game’ has become.

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We’d been set up by a mutual friend, who even used that word when she arranged the date.

In spite of the warnings, I went ahead and met him.

True to his reputation, my date picked me up on a Harley Davidson, refused to tell me any details of what he had planned, and during the date wouldn’t let me finish a single sentence.

The date went well and I managed to hold my own, but I had a feeling I that was the last I’d ever hear from him.

Because in reality, you need to treat dating like a hobby.

You’re using your precious spare time, and so it’s important that you enjoy yourself in the process.

But putting casual flings to one side, how many of us genuinely want to see dating as a game?

Last summer I dated a guy who I knew from the start was ‘dangerous’!

Dating needs to feel more like a fun game than a job. In the early stages, make dating more about the activities you do than the person joining you.

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