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The most popular reason for using Twitter was to promote their blog.56% of bloggers link their Twitter account with their blog. However, only 34% of bloggers have a Facebook page dedicated to the promotion of the blog.As expected, recommendations are met most positively when coming from friends.

Unchanging from last year’s report, the majority of bloggers are males who are more affluent and more educated than average.

However, this report pays special attention to the rise of mom bloggers, which I will discuss more fully in the next section.

So I did some digging to find outside support for these claims if possible.

Jeremiah Owyang, author of Web Strategy, analyzed data by e Marketer to draw some conclusions about the power of blogger recommendations.

Blog growth is supported by other statistics: At Ignite, we often consider blogger outreach as a fundamental element to spread awareness and generate conversations surrounding clients’ campaigns.

According to the 2010 State of the Blogosphere report, 42% of bloggers write about brands – positively and negatively.

In collecting this research, Technorati gathered data from 7,200 bloggers.

These respondents were then divided into four categories for analysis purposes: Hobbyists, Part-Timers, Corporates, Self-Employeds.

An increased amount of bloggers report using mobile devices for creating posts and updating their blog.

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