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High-performance Subarus and Mitsubishis are not eligible, however.“What we have found is that members who own these cars tend to have a different type of lifestyle,” says Segaram, diplomatically.

“The number of members is rising by about 20%-30% each month,” says Segaram, who was a millionaire at 24, thanks largely to property investments in Canary Wharf, east London (he also runs his family’s hospital business in Malaysia).

“There are 400,000 supercar owners in the UK alone and we have a ratio of one supercar owner to seven non-owners, so there’s a potential for more than 3m members.” You don’t have to own a supercar to join.

So a new online dating club has been launched to help lonely supercar owners get to grips with the complex mechanics of intimate personal relations.

Or as puts it: “Make wealthy dating and social networking more efficient for those [who] share a passion for the supercar lifestyle.” The club, which was launched officially last week (it’s been invitation only up to now), is open to anyone who owns a supercar, as well as anyone interested in the sort of person who owns a supercar.

The tall, slim, blonde, twenty-something joined largely for the networking aspect (and because she is a friend of Segaram).

She lives in Chelsea, owns a Fiat 500, and would like to buy an Audi R8 one day, or maybe a white Lamborghini, something to stand out from the crowd: “Definitely not a black supercar — what’s the point in that? I have quite a nice life in Chelsea and — I’m trying to think how to say this without sounding obnoxious — it’s nice to have people with common interests.” How does she feel about being called a Fine Living Companion?Harry Cole, Kate Bulpitt & Benedicte PAVIOT who all pledged last week. The pledge page has now closed so only you wonderful chaps & chapesses will have your names in the back of every copy of Bad Romance. But they have a supercar, and the rest to go with it, and they breeze through.She has also worked for the United Nations, supporting its gender equality campaign, and was recently appointed an Advocate for Women’s Leadership and Political Participation which saw her deliver a speech in front of UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon.IF YOU own a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari 599, chances are you’re used to getting what you want, when you want, in precisely the right spec, with all the extras you can imagine, safe in the knowledge you can upgrade to an exciting new model whenever the passion wanes.

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