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The COQA will look forward to updates on this project at future meetings.David Lord's talk Crude Oil/Crude Condensate Vapor Pressure Methodology & Practices – Continued”.

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The CCQTA currently has 84 member companies and 11 member funded projects.

In addition to the on-going projects, new activities include: Dennis Sutton, COQA Executive Director, concluded the day’s presentations by summarizing recent crude oil conferences and events.

He also summarized the changes to ASTM D6377 that occurred in October of 2014.

Dennis Sutton, Executive Director COQA, shared information regarding the recent quality of WTI/Domestic Sweet crude.

They have completed a literature study that includes a great deal of variability in criteria and procedures used in sample selection, acquisition, and analyses.

One of the outcomes from this is that “clear relationships between crude oil properties and probability or severity of rail accident combustion events have not been established”.

In the past few months, production has declined due to the lower crude prices.

Summarizing crude by rail and noting some of the major incidents, as movements of crude by rail have grown ~40 fold, incidents involving railroad tank cars carrying crude have grown also, about 16 fold.

An important date to remember- MSDS must become SDS by June 1, 2015, with distributors having an extra 6 months to clear out old labels.

Bruce Carlile and John Baker's talk Baker Hughes’ Waynn Morgan presented a talk on “Crude Oil Quality Management in a Volatile Crude Pricing Market”.

Dennis reviewed the mission of the COQA, highlighted the new web site, looked back at some of COQA's significant accomplishments, and thanked the corporate sponsors.


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