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The other major shareholder is Sunrise Radio of UK. The dividend declared to shareholders in 1999 was Rs. The relevance in this regard will be to trace not only whether Peiris has paid his taxes on income earned through Blue Class International Inc registered in Bahamas but thereby trace disbursements if any made by Peiris to other accounts if and when he is called upon to declare full particulars to the British tax authorities.The driver of Udaya Nanayakkara named Pedurus Peiris has one share and Dut Holdings Limited of Udaya Nanayakkara holds one other share. That Ronnie Peiris is a man blessed is also seen when you consider the Bank of Ceylon coming under the purview of Kumaratunga's finance ministry waiving off over Rs.The Sunday Leader investigation unearthed that Ronnie Peiris is a director of the Bahamas based Blue Class International Inc set up in 1995 just months after Kumaratunga was elected to office, that Keangnam which won the contract to build the Katunayake-Colombo Expressway has deposited monies to the Blue Class International Inc account from its foreign currency account in the People's Bank, that Blue Class Inc is a major shareholder of Asia Broadcasting Corporation (Pvt) Limited, for the setting up of which the Kumaratunga government gave the necessary approvals and licences in 1995 and also that the Bank of Ceylon which comes under Kumaratunga's finance ministry had waived off over Rs.

Originally, the registered agent was Morymor Trust Corporation Ltd of 50 Shirley Street, P. The directors of Blue Class International Inc according to the registrar of directors and officers filed at the company registry in Bahamas are Ronald Peiris and Peter Green.

The authorised capital of the company is US$5,000 into 5000 shares of US$1 each.

An irate president dismissed the allegations at the special meeting with the MPs and went to the extent of producing files to the MPs in defence of her position, blaming instead Minister A. For example one "small" remittance was in August 1999 for US$ 20,000. Interestingly, it is the very same Blue Class International Inc that was given BOI status by the Kumaratunga government and became a major shareholder of ABC (Private) Limited, a company incorporated on with 20A, York Street, Colombo 1 as its original registered address.

That address happened to be the office of President Kumaratunga's ex brother-in-law Udaya Nanayakkara.

Mind you, this is in addition to numerous other deals this presidential buddy has been pushing including the golf course cum housing project on giveaway terms at Kotte for which Peiris has already pocketed part of the commission for his broker services though the project itself is still to fully materialise.

The first cabinet paper for the golf project was presented under the hand of Kumaratunga no less.

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The friendship between the president and British citizen Peiris go back a long way with Kumaratunga even being a house guest of the latter during her days of self imposed exile in England.


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