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Em AGN BREAKFAST CLUB The Em AGN Early Bird Breakfast Club is an opportunity to interface with important bodies and ideas relating to our profession, which aims to initiate and develop relevant opportunities with particular focus on young emerging architects and graduates.

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The photos shown are from our most recent event held on Tuesday 19th April at Meyers Place.

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The forum provides an opportunity for early career architects to meet, share information and hear from more experienced architects.

The forum will address topics such as career paths, further education, overseas experience and day to day experiences of working in practices of various sizes and is open to Institute members.The forum will be held quarterly at 41x and is a great opportunity to meet colleagues, hear from experienced architects, and share experiences.If you are interested in chairing the meetings or attending the forum please email us at [email protected] The Em AGN Forum brings together Emerging Architects and graduates to identify, discuss and share experiences and issues specifically affecting graduates and architects at the start of their career.charity Kids Under Cover is calling for entries from the building and design industry to compete for Australia’s best cubby house in the 2017 Cubby House Challenge. Em AGN VIC encourage entries to this competition, which promotes architectural creativity for a brilliant cause.The competition asks for building teams, architectural groups and designers to embrace their inner child and design the cubby they would have loved to play in as a child. Em AGN Forum Em AGN VIC are starting an Em AGN Forum for Emerging Graduates and Architects.This coming session we are discussing living with a work/work balance.


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