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This session will helpcompanies understand subcontracting plans, provide some tactical processes to identify subcontracting opportunities, and provide an overview of how to effectively perform initial outreach to large government prime contractors.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that you participate in Gov Con 101, or have had a one-on-one meeting with a CIRAS Government contracting specialist prior to attending the sessions.

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This online session will help attendees understand how they can sell to the government indirectly through subcontracting.

Subcontracting can be a better "fit" for some companies and industries and can also help those that are new to government contracting build their past performance.

You'll hear both from the companies who create industrial machines and the businesses who have used them successfully.

Learn directly from the experts about what's possible, what's in development, and how to guard against mistakes.

You will learn the value and function of marketing inside any business.

Discern the differences between Sales and Marketing and how they relate to one another.Dave Utrata and others from the weld inspection industry will conduct a seminar on nondestructive methods as applied to weld inspection applications.Gov Con 101: This 1.5 Hours session will give you an introduction of Government Contracting and discuss the various factors you may want to consider before entering this market.But how can you build anything new when you can't find employees?This daylong Future of Manufacturing event will help production managers, manufacturing engineers, and company decision makers understand the basics of industrial automation-including how it works and how to prepare.Application has been made for CGBP – NASBITE Recertification Credits (CEUs)The Better Process Control School certifies supervisors of thermal processing systems, acidification and container closure evaluation programs for low-acid and acidified foods in closed containers.


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