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When a Safe Zone is set, a notification will be sent to the parents Smartphone when the Child Finder Pro detects that your child has crossed out of the Safe Zone If you child is lost or in trouble, they can hold down the SOS button and the watch will call the programmed numbers in turn until someone answers, it can call 3 programmed mobile numbers. (or, the numbers can be left blank if you want to prevent this optional function).

This allows your child to call whenever necessary at the touch of a button.

Now you'll be able to accept or decline incoming calls, mute ongoing conversations, and even hang up on your Android Wear gadget.

You can also do a lot with the messaging feature of the Skype app.

It is water-splash resistant but it is not waterproof and is not designed to go swimming, showering or bathing.

Every parent wants their child to explore, discover and just be a kid.

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We're one step closer to video chatting on wrist computers, just like Penny from "Inspector Gadget." You can't do it quite yet using Skype, but you can do some cool things using the new Skype app for Android Wear.

The speaker and microphone then allow two-way communication just like a mobile phone.

The Child Guardian can also receive phone calls from up to 10 pre-authorised numbers. The Child Finder Pro is built to withstand the everyday wear and tear of kids adventures.

I assumed that having that ability would entail installing a fancy and expensive CCTV system, but I realized that wasn’t necessary when I came across these three incredibly simple ways of harnessing the capabilities of computer and laptop in combination.

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