Silicon valley dating scene

Because of their monetary success, they have the ability to lavishly spend on dates with young ladies (sometimes even half their age) who…truthfully…are often just temporarily in it for the money. At Three Day Rule, I ask all my clients what they are looking for in their ideal partner.

“Forty-Niner,” the term which originally meant one who took part in the 1849 California gold rush, is now often affiliated with the San Francisco 49ers football team.

This term actually carries another meaning in the modern dating scene as well.

), chatting up men while working out, setting up dates during meetings and juggling midnight conversations - all on my phone.

And, victoriously, I even went on a number of dates - in real life. " is alive and well; it was just hiding in my phone.

Because of the tech boom in Silicon Valley, there is a large population of men working in fields like engineering, law, venture capital, and investment management.

It’s no doubt that many Bay Area men are successful and have a knack for easily making well over six figures.

Matchmaking service the Dating Ring has even launched a crowdfunded campaign to send New York's single women to meet all of San Francisco's "eligible bachelors." At first, as women do, I internalized the problem ("the glasses are distracting"; "I'm going to the wrong places").

It didn't help my ego that in January, Marie Claire pinpointed our fair city as one of the top five "great places for single girls." After attempting almost comical displays of "approachability" that have to be seen to be believed (trust me), I acknowledged the sobering truth: The courtship culture in San Francisco is not normal.

Despite loads of single men, getting a date is a no-man's land. "I'd forgotten what it was like to be flirted with," says Kink and Code blogger Emma Mc Gowan, 27, who noticed it during a recent visit to New York.


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