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Browse Beddinginn's extensive selection of chat 3d beddinn for an instant makeover that will have you sleep in style.Remember all those science fiction movies and television shows that depicted people in a future time, talking to life-sized holographic images? A research team from Queen's University in Ontario has developed a video communications system that allows you to speak with an eerie three-dimensional representation of the person on the other end of the line.

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Beddinginn specialize in providing quality chat 3d beddinn with vivid print like floral, animal, scenery, etc.

Under the guidance of Professor Roel Vertegaal, director of the university's Human Media Lab, the team uses some pretty common components to create a pretty uncommon communications device.

A series of Microsoft Kinect sensors and 3D camera equipment team up to capture the three-dimensional image of each conversant.

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Remember when you watched the Jetsons and their awesome video phones, and couldn't wait for the real, live version? Instead of getting to hide behind the blissfully blind telephone, now you, your bed head, your shirt stain, the broccoli in your teeth from last night's dinner (maybe?


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