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Basically, sexual role play is a game of seduction where you and your partner enact different characters, and dress up just like the character and make sexual advances at each other.

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Sexplay chat

;) Feel free to hit me up in the room and it's even better if you start a conversation with a rp scene, rather than just saying Hi.. I know this is a cybersex site, but I hope to make some connection before getting to the good stuff. But don't mistake this as a sign of weakness, or submission, I am far from either.

Sexual role play isn’t unheard of, and most of us may even have indulged in it without actually realizing it.

You’ll just have to make sure this sort of inconsiderate sex doesn’t happen all the time.

But whatever may be the case, sex can become a bore after a while, unless you innovate.

It allows you to fire up your own webcam and see the live girl directly one webcam.

Ok so here goes, the truth is I'm actually a nice guy, I've got a good sense of humor and I genuinely enjoy making people happy.

[Read: How to bring sexy back] What exactly is sexual role play?

Sexual role playing is the method by which you heighten your sexual arousal by re-enacting a scenario, and wooing or seducing your partner, in a manner that arouses them just as much as it arouses you.

I come here to meet interesting people, who share the same proclivities as me, at first i am a little shy, as my secret pervert... Illegal Clumber a few ground rules here, I do not cam, I do not do phone and I do not do picture trading, sorry if that disappoints you and I do not and will not dom.


  1. The term manikin refers exclusively to these types of models, though mannequin is often also used.

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