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Cut Video is back with another mesmerizing 100 Years in Beauty transformation video.This time, they take us through the stunning beauty changes of Ethiopia over the past century.

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The video starts off by showcasing the sleek traditional cornrows of the 1910s, and in seconds, we see the model's beautiful natural hair transform into retro pompadours, tapered Afros, and even a twisted topknot!

In a little over a minute, she also flaunts bold brows, playful pink lipstick, and soft romantic waves — looks that we'd rock any day. They were all modeled after influential women in Ethiopian culture, proving that the East African ladies were always true beauty trendsetters.

(, which means "citizen" in Amharic, is a code word for gay).

"Many in the community are doubting that he is gay in the first place because he is just like this ghost that knows everything about the community," Happy says.

Natural girls, if you ever run out of style ideas for your hair, this video is proof that the sky's the limit.

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"he watches you but you can't see him."It's not a good sign if one of the most dedicated LGBT activists in Ethiopia's history is so shadowy that his allies can't track him down. S.-based activists like Mercy and Happy are afraid to divulge their real names or get into details about their work.

Consider what happened to 26-year-old Robel Hailu, universally adored by other Zegas because he's one of the only "out" gay Ethiopians still in Africa.

Ethiopia's anti-terrorism law allows the government to hand down 20-year sentences to anyone who "writes, edits, prints, publishes, publicizes, [or] disseminates" statements that the government considers terrorism - meaning, essentially, that the police can search and arrest anyone they please, from reporters to activists, without a warrant.

The country's anti-advocacy law bars charities and nongovernmental organizations that receive more than 10 percent of their funding from abroad from participating in activities that advance human rights and the promotion of equality.

A man named Solomon Negussie posted a comment wondering "what I can do as an Engineer to eradicate these people (I mean gays and lesbians) from Ethiopia or generally from the face of earth next to praying to God to give me the wisdom to produce a machine or virus that will kill or make them straight (like normal people!

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