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“This is a God-fearing nation and we will not surrender our country to the devil like what the South Africans have done by allowing same sex marriages.” Chesterfield Samba, director of GALZ, was recently quoted by the media as saying members of the organization are being harassed by the police.They are tracked down at clubs, workplaces and in their homes.

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Zimbabweans of all walks of life and from different political affiliation rally behind Mugabe on his position.

“I am a member of Welshman Ncube’s MDC faction but when it comes to the issue of gays, I will always support the President,” says 34-year-old high school teacher Clement Hadebe.

As the waiter brings our breakfast, Steven tells me how being gay in Zimbabwe is a curse.

Gays, he says, live in fear of being attacked by ordinary people, arrested by police and abused by agents of the state security agency, the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

After that he found himself dating another senior government official. ” The romance with Politician #2 lasted more than a year, a year during which he paid Steven’s rent. According to Steven, you don’t mess with Mugabe and get away with it.

Reflecting on how they made acquaintance, Seven explains how one night at the club he saw a former cabinet minister drinking beer. He was not there to campaign for his party, but to look for a partner. He would bring him flowers each time they met, sometimes at Steven’s house or at a hotel room in the outskirts of the city. Mugabe's anti-gay stance Mugabe is known worldwide for his strong anti-gay stance.

In fact, he threatened to kill Steven if he ever tried to reveal his secret life to journalists. Steven sometimes operates as an escort for rich folks who seek sexual escapades, though he is now in a relationship with Politician #3.

But, Steven tells me, the romance lasted less than a year. He says his current lover, who is another senior government official, is a simple man. “I will never reveal their names because I would not see the sun rise. They don’t tolerate same-sex relations here,” he tells me, wiping his mouth with a tissue.

Zimbabweans call the agency “Gestapo”, after none other than Hitler’s notorious secret service, accused of the massacres of thousands of Jews.


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