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His name is Francisco, and the family is doing well.

Lori Hadacek Chaplin has been a Catholic Journalist for over 13 years.

They had also both been hurt by a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend in the past.

“We agreed that honesty and communication are key in order to build a stable, lasting relationship,” she explains.

Despite all of their similarities, they learned through the temperament test that they are opposites. This personality type is introverted and is known to be personable, quiet, gentle, and agreeable.

However, this personality type often conceals the depth of emotion they feel.

Laura is choleric- sanguine, which is known for being extroverted, enthusiastic, motivational, and highly driven leader, but prone to anger easily and to be overly opinionated.

Roman and Laura found that taking the temperament test helped them to better understand one another’s personality.

“We Skyped every night in order to keep our close bond. Joseph as our patron saint and prayed via Skype before going to sleep. Ignatius:” Take Lord and receive all my liberty, my memory, and my understanding. Now the distance was only a four-hour drive as opposed to a six-hour flight,” she says.

After a year and four months of dating, Roman proposed.

Roman, 25, discovered that Laura was not only attractive but easy to talk to and, with her, he didn’t feel his usual shyness.

Within a week of meeting online, Laura asked Roman to Skype with her.

“A blizzard interfered with our plans, and we ended up walking through the snow to find the only place open: Estelle’s Bistro. Her busy school schedule made it difficult for them to make time to see each other.

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