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You can even assign 2 points to one trait in order to make that trait even more dominant.

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The app creators have included 4 female voices that all sound pretty good, or you can use the native voice of your phone’s operating system. I chose Isabella and so did the guy in the walkthrough video, I think she sounds the best out of the choices.

Once you finish creating the look of your avatar you can select Chat on the home screen to interact with her. There are two ways to interact with your avatar, voice and touch.

The process is split into two parts, the head and the body.

For the head you begin with hair style and color, then you move onto your avatar’s face where every feature is customizable with a handful of different options.

Realbotix has released the first version of their artificial intelligence app, Harmony.

This stand alone app is the first glimpse of what Matt Mc Mullen & co have in mind for sex robot artificial intelligence.He spends the first couple of minutes comparing the Harmony AI to his “Digital Denise” AI, but after the intro the rest of the video is focused entirely on the functionality of the Harmony app.The interface of the app is very straightforward and easy to use, we had no troubles getting started and figuring out whats means what.Personality Customizing your avatar’s personality is a simple process.You are assigned 10 persona points to allot between 18 different personality attributes.Once this information was gathered, the chat with Sweetie would be shut down, and the information was given to the local police or Interpol.

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