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Purpose: To provide for physical security of campus buildings and their occupants and to provide for administration and control of keys.

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8.4 Grand master keys provide unlimited access to various facilities on campus.

Because of this fact, grand master keys will be tracked separately by the Facilities Operations Locksmith on an individual basis.

4.7 Furnishing key information to authorized personnel.

4.8 Recovering all campus keys from personnel who are terminating or transferring within The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

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On a Wednesday in October, Reading Intervention Teacher Danielle Scribner shared with other teachers how book ladders have made a difference for many of her students.3.3 Key Control Methods: Methods used by the Facilities Operations Department to assure access to University facilities by only such personnel as are authorized by the proper authority.3.4 Keying System: Numerical combinations which can be used to extend or limit the variety of keys in use. 4.5 Controlling all lock work on campus facilities and property.Maintenance (including custodians) and security personnel are not authorized to unlock doors for individuals at any time except when approved in advance.2.2 Duplication of keys by anyone other than the Key Control Manager or Director of Facilities Operations is prohibited.Beaverton School District’s 5-year Local Option Levy is set to expire in June 2018.


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