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How many have been approved since Trump took office Jan. The Daily Caller, citing USCIS numbers, reported that the Trump administration through DACA had "given amnesty to an estimated 98,000 illegal immigrants." We reached out to The Daily Caller’s reporter, Alex Pfeiffer, who told us he reached the estimated 98,000 by dividing the total number of cases approved from January through March by the number of business days in that period, and removing days in January that Trump was not in office.

Pfeiffer said he only used business days in the calculation, because those are the only days that USCIS accepts DACA applications.

Amnesty is not a pardon as some believe, since a pardon implies forgiveness, and amnesty indicates a reason to overlook or forget the offenses." The common reference for amnesty in modern American politics is the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, signed by President Ronald Reagan.

The law paved the way for immigrants who were in the country illegally to become lawful permanent residents if they met certain requirements, including being in the country by Jan. Individuals granted DACA are protected from deportation for two years and are eligible for work permits.

USCIS told us DACA applications are not accepted online, only by mail, and that the lockbox where requests are sent typically accepts mail from Monday through Friday.

We did our own calculation using Pfeiffer’s parameters and also got about 98,000.

"I would define an amnesty as such whenever the law is set aside and the normal penalty is waived as a matter of policy," Camarota said. Calculations of the total applications approved January through March that only include days Trump has been in office show that, at least, about 98,000 were approved.

Whether the program is amnesty is subject to interpretation.

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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, is calling him out for stalling on key immigration promises, including the deportation of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants.

But he kept in place a June 2012 memo that created DACA and a November 2014 memo for a separate deferred action program that would have benefitted immigrants in the country illegally who are parents of U. White House press secretary Sean Spicer on June 19 said DACA is under review but did not provide a timeline for a final determination.


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