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Grandma Robinson lived in a gloomy, semi-detached Edwardian villa in Birkdale, Lancashire, along with her friend Mrs Joyce, another widow.These outings promised only three hours or so of mind-numbing boredom.

"The ASL [American Sign Language] translator is behind him, signing to the characters so they can copy her and communicate with the little guy.

Thank you for the referral i have recovered my money . The scammed me out of 75.00 for me and my daughters.

Deciding not to mention that it was the sticky-backed cover from the battery I’d just replaced.

Ever in hope of finding my deafness was curable, I saw a consultant.

My brother and I wouldn’t have dared say so, but her personal best never rose much above manageable dislike. Grandma Robinson would be in bed and we rarely heard her voice.

Instead, she would mouth her words — which was odd, since the only deaf person in the room was Grandma Robinson. A beige plastic box sat on her chest with wires reaching up to her ears. Seconds later, my mother would stand up and say it was time to go. Then, as we drove away and back to her scary self, she’d announce, with us mouthing the words in the back of the car: ‘Deafness is a weakness in your father’s family.

I was a Times columnist and had been placed for dinner between the paper’s gamine, beautiful fashion editor and the editor. ’Larry Lamb, the actor, who I bumped into at a literary festival, advised: ‘Get yourself to Specsavers in the Edgware Road.

The fashion editor and I, as I recall, had two prolonged conversations, both on subjects dear to my heart: one about washing cashmere sweaters and the other about what best Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles could do with her hair. I came away dismayed, except for briefly thinking that a lot of not very bright women do no more than nod and smile at dinner when men are chatting and end up with very rich husbands. The young man, Mark, in charge of hearing, will sort you out.’Not the sexiest of prospects. Then, at a spring lunch in the Cotswolds the following year, in a room filled with raspberry corduroys, and shrieks of laughter, a woman put out her hand and said: ‘Ever been here before? He arrived at 7.30am, said he had several care homes on his books and could test my hearing there and now.

He shook his head and said big red balls were OK for men, but my ear canals were too tiny. The bright blue outer coating is useful for seeing if the device, two grand plus, is about to go into the dog’s mouth. I need to put on the subtitles for watching television. I’m lobbying the editor of The Oldie to let me review restaurants for the deaf. This article appears in the October issue of The Oldie, published on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, there’s no technology to train a scatterbrain to remember where she last put her hearing aid.

The hairs in my left ear had flattened and couldn’t be revived, he reported.


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  4. “It was—unbelievably—not a crazy experience.” Online dating has certainly lost its lonely-hearts stigma.

  5. Clutch: Who are some of your favorite clothing designers? A favorite designer—Jay Kos, a haberdashery on the Upper East Side. I also like what Tom Ford is doing; I really like his ads. Why do you think it’s important for people, especially African Americans, to care about how they behave and present themselves to others?

  6. The proposed legislation in Belgium will give women another tool to fight back against street harassment, a continuing problem that can range from wolf whistles to catcalls to stalking.

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